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Silicone plate-more suitable tableware for babies Oct 27,2020

The silicone dinner plate is soft and resistant to fall, which is a good choice to assist the baby to eat independently. There are also many silicone plates on the market that can be directly adsorbed on the desktop, which are not easy to be moved and picked up by the baby, and the silicone material is not easy to absorb grease, making it easier to clean.


When buying silicone plates for your baby, safety is the primary consideration. Before buying, parents can check or ask whether the dinner plate has a safety inspection certificate.

Such as US FDA certification, CPSIA certification or EU LFGB certification.

2、Silicone Plate Classification

There are many types of silicone plates on the market, the common ones include formatted silicone plates, placemat dinner plates integrated silicone plates, and silicone suction cup plates.

It is necessary to choose a plate that is not easy to knock over, easy to clean, and allows the baby to eat well when the baby learns to eat independently! The above is the content of the silicone children's plate, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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