• Should babies learn to eat with silicone plates?
    Should babies learn to eat with silicone plates? Dec 30, 2021
    It is a silicone product that can be seen in many parent-child restaurants or individual families. The silicone plate is generally designed in the form of grid, which can hold rice, vegetables and soup. In terms of modeling, children's silicone plate is quite rich. There are many common smiling face silicone plate, animal doll type, character cartoon type and so on. It's not too much to have different shapes! The color is also multi-color and colorful, generally warm color! Performance of silicone plate: 1. Silicone tableware can maintain the constant temperature of food and protect the temperature of food itself for a long time. 2. Silicone can be used to make all kinds of food utensils, and it will not break easily. After cooking food at high temperature, it will not produce harmful substances or smell. 3. It is easy to carry, and the tableware can be designed to be foldable, kneaded and overturned. 4. Silicone material itself has a certain drying effect, so it will not become moldy or qualitative change during long-term storage. 5. It has certain temperature resistance characteristics and can be applied at a high temperature of 240 ℃ without deformation. Therefore, it is often used in microwave oven appliances. 6. It has good non aging and non yellowing properties. 7. Silicone kitchenware is easy to clean, so it can reduce the harmful substances brought by detergent. We can see from the performance of the above silicone dinner plate that it has no direct impact on the baby's health. On the contrary, it has played a lot of factors conducive to the baby's growth in the process of learning to eat. For example, the tableware made of silicone will not be too hard, but it is very elastic, will not break, and can help you clean it.
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  • Silicone Bib: the best partner for baby growth time
    Silicone Bib: the best partner for baby growth time Nov 19, 2021
    The saliva secretion problem of infants and young children has always plagued every family. The development of infants is not perfect from birth to more than one year old, so it is not their fault to drool, and it is not their fault to spill and leak during meals. Therefore, parents have to wash clothes for their babies often, but at present, they can only choose to focus on prevention, Bibs are the main protective equipment for infants and young children, so it's much easier to choose the right Bibs based on these factors Bibs, as children's eating artifact, are not only an indispensable tool for the baby to learn to eat, but also reduce the burden of cleaning up by parents. At present, silicone Bibs are hot-selling silicone bibs, so in addition to materials, other factors should be considered in the selection. At present, our common Bibs are divided into silicone bibs, cotton bibs, fiber bibs and mixed material bibs. How can we distinguish and choose? 1、 Bib classification and characteristics Distinguish by material For children's products, many parents put the material first. After all, the baby's skin is very delicate. The bib will often contact the baby's head, neck and chin, so the material is very important, followed by the use effect of the product! 1) Cotton Bib Including cotton material and gauze material, the texture is very soft, comfortable and breathable; However, the cotton bib has poor water resistance, is not easy to clean when stained, and is easy to mildew and breed bacteria, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. 2) Silicone Bib The silicone bib is made of food grade environmental protection raw materials, and the material is reliable. It is processed and formed by the silicone product manufacturer after more than 200 degrees of high temperature. It is temperature resistant, waterproof and oil proof. It is very convenient to clean. It can be washed with water and can be used repeatedly. Moreover, the silicone Bib now generally adopts 3D three-dimensional design, and the groove can easily hold the food. This design takes up more space than cotton when storing. In addition, silica gel can also be used as other silica gel products in addition to bibs 3) Polyester fiber Polyester fiber is soft, durable and non sticky. 100% polyester is easy to clean. It is more waterproof than cotton bibs, but slightly worse than silicone bibs. Selection points: The cotton bib is soft and easy to carry out. It can not only be used as a saliva towel, but also be used to wipe the baby's mouth. However, it is difficult to clean the stains, so it is not easy to dry quickly. You need to prepare more. On the contrary, silicone bibs and polyester fibers are highly waterproof and easy to clean. They are often used after wiping off water, and are not easy to breed bacteria. Compared with silica gel, polyester fiber is softer, not as three-dimensional as silica gel bib, and has more advantages in carrying out, cleaning and storage. Multiple use Most Bibs are...
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  • 130th China Export and Import Fair  (Oct.15th,2021-Oct.19th,2021)is coming
    130th China Export and Import Fair (Oct.15th,2021-Oct.19th,2021)is coming Oct 09, 2021
    The 130th Canton Fair, autumn 2021, will last for five days from October 15 to 19. China Import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as Canton Fair) is the largest and largest fair held in Guangzhou, China, with complete types of exhibits, the widest distribution of overseas buyers and the highest turnover. Buyers and exhibitors can see more products you like through this exhibition and promote our cooperation. Our team will also participate in the exhibition. We are waiting for you at booth 15.2c25. This time we will show you baby silicone products, such as silicone baby bib, baby plate, baby placemat, silicone suction bowl, Baby spoon, silicone teether, silicone Nipple, Silicone Rice paste bottle, Silicone shower brush, silicone teerther-gloves, baby nose cleaner, silicone toothbrush. personal care products, such as: silicone squeezable lotion bottle, silicone tea Infuser, silicone bottle, Menstrual cup, silicone storage bag, silicone bottle, silicone case for tablet, silicone mobile phone shell, silicone bicycle bracket. And, Silicone Lamp. Meanwhile, we also have beauty products, such as silicone cleansing instrument.
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  • Application of Solid Silicone and Liquid Silicone materials
    Application of Solid Silicone and Liquid Silicone materials Aug 17, 2021
         In The Field Of Organic Silicon, downstream physical silicon rubber materials can be divided into solid and liquid materials, and both materials are currently widely used in various major industries.     There are many similarities between their application fields and material properties, and their production processes are different. In the field of products, their roles and functions are basically the same. What are the differences between materials and products?  The main difference between liquid silica gel and solid silica gel is: one is liquid and the other is solid, liquid silica gel is liquid and has fluidity,solid silica gel is solid and has no fluidity;but after processing the finished product, the two are not so easy to distinguish. Different fields of use (1) Liquid silicone is generally used in baby products, silicone kitchen products and medical products, it can directly contact food and human body; (2) Solid silica gel is generally used for daily necessities, industrial miscellaneous parts and auto parts; (3) Safety of liquid silica gel and solid silica gel: Liquid silica gel is a highly transparent, high-safety food-grade material. No auxiliary materials such as vulcanizing agent are added during the molding process. The sealing material is formed by sealing. Solid silica gel is a translucent material. Vulcanization is needed to accelerate the curing time. Molding: Liquid Silicone (LSR):The full name is injection molding liquid silicone rubber, and the vulcanization equipment is an injection molding machine. The injection molding machine process is very simple, the product precision is high, and the output is high (the A/B glue is mixed for a few seconds at a certain temperature). The materials are mixed and added with color glue and catalyst to automatically inject into the mold cavity without manual operation. Product advantages The product has good fluidity, strong stretch and resilience, and the mold is combined injection molding, so the product has a plastic injection port and basically no surface parting lines. Solid Silicone:The raw material for solid silica gel molding is a solid. After the silicone rubber product manufacturer is mixed by a mixer, it needs to add color glue and catalyst, and then cut it into an appropriate size and manually put it into the mold cavity to form and cure. The automatic processing method requires manual operation to take the mold and discharge the material. Because the material is solid, the fluidity and stretch resilience are slightly lower than that of the liquid. The product has no injection port, and the processed finished product will have upper and lower parting lines . The differences and application of solid silicone and liquid silicone materials: Solid silica gel is industrially made of water glass (sodium silicate) as a raw material, hydrolyzed in an acid medium to form a gel, and then made into silica gel through aging, washing, drying, etc., depend...
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  • The 21st CBME Pregnancy Baby and Child Exhibition for silicone baby products
    The 21st CBME Pregnancy Baby and Child Exhibition for silicone baby products Jul 15, 2021
    Daxin rubber silicone manufacture is participating the 21st CBME Pregnancy Baby and Child Exhibition in Shanghai.The exhibition time will be from 14th to 16th July,2021, our booth number is 5-2F32. We  have lots of new silicone baby products for you. Welcome to our booth. We have more than 18 years experience in silicone baby products.High quantity control and good service is our core value.Silicone baby feeding products are our most pop products.and all OEM, ODM or wholesale are welcome.Most of them are stock service with low MOQ and short lead time. We also have lots of silicone bibs, silicone pacifiers and many different kinds of silicone teether toys.All of them are made of food grade silicone,BPA free. Silicone products are soft, durable and high temperature resistance.It's very comfortable and healthy for kids.
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  • Popular soft non toxic food grade safe silicone baby plate bowl spoon bib sets
    Popular soft non toxic food grade safe silicone baby plate bowl spoon bib sets Apr 23, 2021
    Popular soft non toxic food grade safe silicone baby plate bowl spoon bib dinner sets Brand Name:  Aiwell  Model number:  C-BB034 Material:  Silicone Size:  43*16*2.5cm Weight:  205g Color:   Pink Blue Yellow Orange Pulple MOQ:  1000pcs Authentication:  FDA OEM Service:  Welcome Packing:  color box Heat-resistance:  Silicone-50~200°C; PP:-20~120°C Printing Technique:  Customized mold is welcomed and we do it only for you Design Details:  1. 100% food-grade silica gel material; Easy to carry, easy to clean, always bright  2. The silicone material used is very elastic; Product flexibility is good, not easy to change shape, very firm  3. High temperature (low temperature) resistance, maximum heat resistance up to 230℃(minimum cold resistance up to -40℃)  4. Longer service life than other materials; Resistant to oil, corrosion and microwave radiation  5.Various colors are available
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  • 2021-China Import and Export Fair Online-15th-24th, Apr 2021 for silicone baby products
    2021-China Import and Export Fair Online-15th-24th, Apr 2021 for silicone baby products Apr 13, 2021
    Dear Sir/Madam: Daxin Industrial Sincerely invites you to China Import and Export Fair. We're live online 6.2K16&5.1L05, The Exhibition Date is Apr 15~24, 2021. We've prepared a lot of new design silicone baby products for you.
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  • Features of children's silicone dinner plate bowl
    Features of children's silicone dinner plate bowl Apr 12, 2021
                                                   children's silicone dinner plate With the diversified development of tableware, silicone products are more and more recognized by people, because of its safety, variety of colors, and practicality to bring people a lot of convenience. First, It is environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic, can be in normal contact with food and meals, and can enter the oral cavity. It is customized and processed with food-grade silicone raw materials. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, safe and secure. Second, Super adsorptivity, preventing knocking over, the silica gel plate can firmly absorb the smooth table or countertop; Third. There is no dead corner for cleaning, one-piece molding, and the one-piece molding process of silicone mold vulcanization makes cleaning without leaving marks; Fourth. One-piece dinner plate with bright colors and cute shapes; Fifth. It can be used safely in oven, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator; Sixth. It can withstand a high temperature of 230℃, will not produce harmful substances, and will not melt, deform or deteriorate; Seventh. Silica gel has the characteristics of being easy to dry, it is not easy to breed bacteria, and it is safe and hygienic to use; Eighth. Long-term use will not cause corrosion, aging, fading, or yellowing. Ninth. Convenient storage, necessary for outdoor travel and dining, foldable storage, convenient to carry and store, occupy a small area, can be opened directly when in use.
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  • Hot sale product: FDA silicone rechargeable night lamps
    Hot sale product: FDA silicone rechargeable night lamps Mar 30, 2021
    Hot sale product: FDA silicone rechargeable night light This FDA silicone rechargeable night light is very suitable for baby to sleep.It's very easy to use. You only need to lightly touch the nose to light up the cut dog.There're warm light and white light to protect the eyes from irritation.It's made of soft food-grade silicone safety material,feels soft, warm and smooth. To knead it can be restored to its original state,is a decompression weapon.
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  • Silicone baby bottle is the best one for baby
    Silicone baby bottle is the best one for baby Mar 29, 2021
    Do you know silicone baby bottle is the best? "My child is 8 months old, what kind of bottle do I use?" "My child doesn't eat by bottles, what should I do? Is it because of the bottles? Which kind of bottle should I change?" "Why is this bottle so expensive?"...... I believe many parents have these questions when buying a baby bottle.Let’s see how to choose it. If divided by the size of the bottle opening, there’re stand,wide, super wide one.Now most of the parents are choosing the wide one, maybe more and more super wide opening bottles will be welcome.Because the wider the opening is, the more convenient it is to clean and use. If divided by material, there are plastic, glass and silicone bottles。I think the material is the most important, because it is directly related to the health of the baby. Let's take a look at the difference between the three materials. No doubt that the plastic bottle is the most convenient one. As it’s very light. And also it’s quite cheap.But it can only pass 120 degrees celsius. Therefore, the BPA is easily released during high-temperature sterilization process of baby bottles, and the longer it is used, the more it is released.So less and less parents choose it. Then let’s talk about the glass material.Certainly it’s the safest one.High transparency, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance. But the only drawback is: fragile. So it’s only suitable for 0~4 month babies.As they grow older, children want to touch everything by themselves and also want to hold the bottle by themselves.So glass material won’t be safe anymore.Then what should we do? Maybe the silicone bottle can help us. Silicone baby bottle is lightweight and durable, easy to suck, not easy to aging, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, not easy to break and also it’s convenient to carry. The biggest feature is: the material is soft and it feels like human skin. Therefore, the silicone baby bottle has another name called "weaning artifact". Its soft touch makes it easier for babies to accept.Although it will turn yellow and hard If it is used for a long time,it’s not a quality problem but determined by the character of silicone itself and it won’t endanger health and safe .You only need to replace it by a new one after 4~6 months. Therefore,I think the silicone bottles are the best for our babies.
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