• Silicone teether in vehicle form and daily necessities form
    Silicone teether in vehicle form and daily necessities form Dec 29, 2020
       Silicone teether have different shapes, which can improve baby's graphic recognition ability.
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  • Delicious fruit teether display
    Delicious fruit teether display Dec 21, 2020
    In the previous article, I showed the readers the animal-shaped teether, and today I bring you fruit teether. The bright fruit colors make babies want to take a bite more.
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  • Silicone toothbrush display
    Silicone toothbrush display Dec 14, 2020
        Regarding the function of the silicone toothbrush, I won't say much here.      Here are a few silicone toothbrushes for you, and show you the different shapes of silicone toothbrushes. To provide you with more choices when choosing toothbrush products for your baby.     Through our display, you will find that toothbrushes are more than just toothbrushes. Toothbrushes of different shapes can increase the fun of baby dental care.
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  • Fun silicone animal teether display
    Fun silicone animal teether display Dec 08, 2020
        Regarding teether, it has many functions.     It can alleviate the discomfort when the baby grows teeth and exercise the baby's gums and teeth. It can also be used as a fun toy. Increase the baby's ability to recognize graphics.    Today I will show you the animal-shaped teether.
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