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Guidelines for using Teether 2020-10-17

You may wonder why we recommend teether for babies.

Today, I will answer your doubts.

Teether can relieve anxiety during baby teething. It also make the baby have a happy, enjoyable eating experience, and then take the initiative Self-determination of eating habits. When the soft teether exercises the baby's chewing ability, there is no need to worry about the teether hurting the mouth. At the same time, the teether uses food-grade silicon, BPA free.


Teether will directly touch the baby’s mouth when it is used, so it must be clean when using it.

Next, I will introduce several ways to disinfect the teether.

First, we can boil the teether in water for five minutes, then take out the teether and let it dry. In addition, we can sterilize the teether by steam. Of course, you can also disinfect it in the dishwasher. These methods are all effective.


We just talked about the advantages of gutta-perchas and the methods of disinfection. Now, we introduce the shape of the teether. If you browse our products, you will find many different styles of teethers. Some are animal forms, some are plant forms, fruit forms, some are cartoon characters, etc.


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